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Carnaval Experience:

Alves, Juliana is the next Carnival Muse we will portray in our Goddess of Brazil Carnaval Gallery. The 27 years old Brazilian actress is the new sensation on the entrainment scenario and is a long enthusiast of the samba and Carnaval. Let´s understand how this passion was born. In an interview, Juliana Alves stated she began listening to classic samba composers like Cartola, Paulinho da Viola, with her father called Sebastião. According to Alves, Juliana the samba was so embedded within the family that they even had a kind of ‘family anthem’, which was late Gonzaguinha´s famous song called “O que é o que é?" .


Above, the Juliana Alves, Carnaval Queen as Perola Negra Samba-School Drum Queen from Sao Paulo

Juliana is a passionate samba fan and has been literally to all samba-schools ‘quadras’ in Rio, where she practices her samba routines. (The Brazilian Muse actually lives two blocks away from Unidos da Vila Samba-School premises. ) Some of these quadras include Unidos da Tijuca, Portela, Mocidade Independente, Império da Tijuca, and Salgueiro. Important not to forget Juliana started her professional life as a true dancer, so she naturally has rhythm, specially samba, running thorough her veins.

Below, a special photo shoot made by Yuri Garnero of Tudo de Samba / Sambarazzo team:


In 2004, Alves, Juliana was invited to parade as Carnival Muse for traditional samba-school Salgueiro. Also during that year, she enjoyed great success as full Queen of Drums for Império da Tijuca Samba-School, a coveted position in Brazil Carnaval.

Finally last year, in 2008, Juliana had a chance to present herself in two other samba-schools: Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel and Renascer de Jacarepagua. Even though the Carnaval Diva has rehearsed her samba routines in many samba-schools and joined the parade in at least 6 different samba-schools, when asked which one she supports, Unidos de Vila Isabel is the answer!

Congratulations for supporting the Carnaval in Brazil and making sure its culture is spread all over the world.

If you want to see Juliana, try one of the Samba practices in Rio...


Alves Juliana Short Life Biography:

Juliana Alves is a Brazilian actress & model, born May 3rd 1982. Juliana started her professional life as a dancer. Later, she gained famed after participating in a reality show in 2003. She was then invited to join a Globo Network as contract actress. She participated in a many TV series and soap operas.

• "Chocolate com Pimenta" - 2003.
• " Mano a Mano". – 2004
• " Prova de Amor" - 2006
• " Amazônia, de Galvez a Chico Mendes" & “Duas Caras" - 2007
• " Faça sua História", " Casos e Acasos" “A Grande Família" - 2008
• " Caminho das Ìndias" – 2009


Beautiful picture of Alves Juliana by Leila Fiolino

We would like to thank Alice & Tudo de Samba/ Sambarazzo, and Yuri Garnero, which provided photos and text inspiration.


The beautiful Brazilian Muse in samba rehearsal in Sao Paulo, above
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Today we will describe the beauty of Alessandra Mattos - Muse of the Brazilian Carnival & Queen of Drums for Estácio de Sá Samba-School:

Muse Alessandra Mattos
is 31 years old and since her adolescence, dream in participating of the Brazilian carnival parades in Rio do Janeiro. She would watch the carnival parades through TV as her parents would travel to the beaches for vacations. She then had a chance to parade for with a true samba-school called Estácio de Sá, a very traditional samba-school in Rio when she was 14 years. It was a dream come true which she longed for. She started then to participate in all of the samba rehearsals at Estácio de Sá Samba School and never stopped to parade again. After intense samba dance training, she was finally invited to become Estácio´s de Sá Queen of Drums in 2005, ( Rainha de Bateria ), a very competitive post at the Brazilian Carnival which she holds for 5 years.

Below, Alessandra fotos Mattos in Rio´s Carnival Spirit in 2009!


Alessandra Mattos also parades for another major samba-school in São Paulo called Águias de Ouro, and in 2009, she was also invited to become the Muse for Unidos da Tijuca Samba-School of Rio de Janeiro.

Alessandra works out twice a week with weights, but believes she has a genetic gift for her built. The Brazilian Beauty also goes through regular massage sessions and other cosmetic procedures to maintain the healthy look, specially during carnival. She also avoids eating anykind of fried food. When asked about the part of the body men look more, she admits is her thighs and legs. She considers the legendary Luma de Oliveira ( Queen of Drums of Portela in 2009) , one of the most influential and charismatic Drum Queens ever in Brazil. Alessandra Mattos considers the "A Dança da Lua", from Estácio de Sá 1993, one of the most energetic Samba-Parade theme songs ever performed at Brazil´s carnival.


Above, fotos Alessandra, the Brazilian Queen of Drums for Estacio practices her Samba routine!

The astonishing Carnival Muse Alessandra MAttos became an instant hit at the You Tube in 2008, when she posted a video explaining the make-up preparation process before parading. Click here to see this marvelous video. The Queen for Estácio de Sá is also a perfect example that Carnival in Brazil goes together with family. She is a mother of three, Lucas 14, Mateus 8, and Natasha of 6 years old, and told us her kids are already demonstrating interests in Samba dancing. Finally, Alessandra is always participating in charity programs, directed to cancer prevention. Good luck Alessandra in 2010 Carnival´s Parade!

Fotos Alessandra: Carnival Inspiration for posing below:


So if you want to meet Alessandra one day, try going to Estacio Samba-rehearsals.
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Model, professional dancer, and carnival muse Scheila Carvalho has strong ties with the Brazilian Carnival. As a professional dancer, she used to spend most of her carnival holidays at Bahia, but said she used to watch by TV the Rio-de-Janeiro carnival parades. In 2009, Scheila Carvalho caused great sensation as the official carnival drum queen for Unidos de Vila Maria a prestigious samba school from São Paulo founded in 1957. Carnival Drum Queen Scheila Carvalho lends her Brazilian beauty and charisma to Vila Maria Samba-School, participating in several samba rehearsals and carnival events.


Before becoming the Carnival Drum Queen for Unidos da Vila Maria, model Scheila had also paraded in 2007 as the Drums Section Godmother for Vai-Vai Samba School in São Paulo. The 35 years old carnival muse was also invited in 2009 to take part of the carnival parade as Drum Queen for a samba-school of the northeast of Brazil called Ziriguidum, 8 times winner at Piauí state.


Godddess of Carnival Bio: Dancer, Model and TV Hostess. Scheila Carvalho was born Minas Gerais state in September 24, 1973 became one of the most famous Axé and Pagode dancers in Brazil. She rose to prominence as a dancer for samba act called "É o Tchan!", and has gone on to appear in numerous magazine photo shoots, including several for famous magazines.


De Scheila Carvalho was elected by Brazilian VIP magazine
as the most beautiful woman alive in Brazil for 3 consecutive years. As a dancer, Scheila Carvalho used to spend hours working out her legs. Although not a very a tall woman, Scheila has a striking body. Sheila’s brunet color is characteristic of Brazilian woman.


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Goddess of Carnival Fabia Borges relationship with Brazil´s Carnival is probably one of the oldest, amongst Carnival Muses since her mother Juju Maravilha, was a respected samba school Flag Bearer (“porta-bandeira” ) for Unidos da Tijuca Samba School. Fábia started to parade when she was 5 years old, dancing samba in the kids section of the Nilópolis based ambsa school Beija-Flor, her mother’s first Samba School. Then, Juju Maravilha was invited to Parade as Flag-Bearer for Unidos da Tijuca Samba School, and the Carnival Muse joined the traditional school from Tijuca as well.

Below, a close up of Fabia Borges:


Fábia debuted as an adult on the Sambadrome in 1996, with a carnival design costume. Once she said during that parade, she had to change herself in front of everyone, since she arrived late at the concentração – meeting point. She was positively surprised since no one was shocked, or overlooked, since everybody already respected her as a carnival professional. Fábia Borges was later invited to the Carnival Drums Queen post for the Acadêmicos da Rocinha, where she parades since 2006.

A magnificent picture of Fabia Borges by the professional photographer Alexandre Vidal below


According to the Brazilian press, the Goddess of Carnival and Drum Queen Fabia Borges has been invited to pose for a mens magazine, but didn’t accept since her former husband was always very jealous. She has her divorce in 2007. Apart from her carnival profession, Fabia Borges used to be a sales manager for a company in Spain, where she lived for many years. The Carnival beauty Fabia Borges goes to the beach whenever she can and works out several hours per week to maintain her physical attributes.


Fábia once created an instant havoc within
carnaval muses, when she stated "All Drums Queens hated each other.” We can surely imagine… The Brazilian model is now 28 years old, but looks far less. She has proportionate 1,68 cm, 92 cm hips, and 50 kg body and soul of pure delight! In my personal opinion Fabia is one of the most marvelous and graceful Carnival muses in Brazil! Way to go Fábia!

Another great photo of Brazil Fabia Borges, by Alexandre Vidal.

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Goddess of Carnival Viviane Araujo´s name was linked to the Brazilian Carnival s soon as she reached Brazil ´s media lime lights. Viviane always loved Samba and started parading when she was very young in Rio´s Sambadrome, at the age of 18. As a true samba dancer Viviane, Araujo had her first chance as a true Drum Queen at Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel Samba School in 2005, where she paraded for several years.

In 2008, Araujo, Viviane paraded as Drum Queen for two Samba Schools: Salgueiro Samba School in Rio and Mancha Verde in São Paulo. Viviane Araujo 2010 will repeat this success recipe in these disputed samba parade posts. Viviane Araújo is considered one of the best samba dancers amongst all Drum Queens.

If you have a chance to go to the Salgueiro Samba Rehearsal, you will be able to testify what I say… Good luck Viviane in your two parades in 2009 Brazil Carnival.

Below, the beautiful Muse in her Salgueiro parade in 2008:


Goddess of Carnival Viviane Araujo 2010 Bio: Viviane Araujo is a Brazilian artist and actress. Muse of Carnival Viviane started her career when she was 16 years old, and was elected “Carnival Panther” in 1996, Rio de Janeiro.

She was then cover girl for several other magazines. Viviane Araujo was also elected Queen of the Brazilian version of the Gay Parade, in São Paulo, being kind of a godmother for Gay community. Today, Viviane Araujo is engaged to a Brazilian soccer player called Radamés. Viviane was born March 25, 1975 in Rio de Janeiro.


Prepare your hearts for the 2009 Carnival! Get yourself to Brazil! 68 days to Rio Carnival and many
samba rehearsals too!
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Brazil´s Carnival is on its way finally, and we have 24 days to the official commencement date. Following our Carnival Drums Queen Series, today we will talk about the last carnival drums queen we haven´t talked about:

Goddess of Carnival Paola de Oliveira – Drum Queen for Grande Rio Samba School. The young TV actress is the daughter of a police officer and nurse and was born in Sao Paulo. She attended physiotherapy school, but later decided to become an actress at the age of 17, staring TV and magazine commercials. Paola de Oliveira went through acting classes in São Paulo and later specialized seminars and courses in Rio de Brazil. Since her debut on television, this Brazilian Beauty has worked in more than 5 soap-operas, including leading-roles.

See below fotos Paola de Oliveira Drums Queen Grande Rio:


Goddess of Carnival Paola Oliveira Bio: The Muse Paola de Oliveira has a strong tie with Grande Rio Samba School, which many say is the preferred samba school amongst TV actors and actresses. Paola de Oliveira has paraded in the past for Grande Rio, but never as a true Carnival Drum Queen. The Brazilian Muse says she will do everything she can in order to help the Grande Rio win the Rio Carnival Championship. Paola de Oliveira has been considered a good samba dancer by experts, and takes profit of the samba rehearsal every Saturday to keep up with the samba routines. This Carnival Drum Queen also says she loves pagode music and samba genre, and listen to Zeca Pagodinho even in her car.

Below, fotos Paola Drum Queen in her crowning event!


So if you want to stop by Paola, try seeing her at a Grande Rio Samba Rehearsal at Monte Libano.
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If there is a Carnival Drum Queen in Brazil that could be considered a Brazilian beautiful artist, this is Luma De Oliveira the GGoddess of Carnival appointed by several critics of Samba

Not only marvelous, but enigmatic and legendary. The recently elected Carnival Drums Queen for Portela Samba School was born in December 1965.

In the turning of the century, this Brazilian celebrity attracted so much media frenzy she simply couldn´t go to regular restaurant without being noticed and followed by paparazzi. Luma de Oliveira shot Brazilian movies from 1988 to 1997, including 3 comedies. In one of most curious events, ( some say made for the media ), during one carnival parade in Rio, she wore a collar with her husband´s name, enticing Brazilian feminists all around the country. In 2002, Luma donated approximately US$ 15.000 to President Lula´s campaign, creating another high-profile buzz.

See below beautiful Luma de Oliveira in Carnival Parade:


Goddess of Carnival Luma de Oliveira Bio: Much can be said about Drum Queen Luma de Oliveira, but no one denies mythical Luma has a true passion for the Brazilian Carnival. This Brazilian Beauty started to parade in 1987, when she was only 20 years old. Luma paraded as an official Carnival Drums Queen for the first time for the Caprichosos de Pilares Samba School, today in the Access group of the Rio Carnival. Luma de Oliveira also paraded as Drum Queen for Tradição and Viradouro Samba School. For 2009, Luma de Oliveira presented at the last minute her Royal Straight Flush for the second oldest samba school in Rio: She displaced another famous Carnival celebrity Adriana Bom-Bom to reign undisputed as the <b>Portela Samba School ´s prestigious Drum Queen Post.

Another photo of Luma:


Good luck Luma!
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In our Brazilian Carnival countdown, we still have 31 days to go for the largest Carnival in the world. But we still have three other Carnival Drum Queens to describe in this special series. Today we will talk about Special Group Beija-Flor ´s Goddess of Carnival Rayssa de Oliveira. Carnival Drum Queen Rayssa de Oliveira is truly a special one, for several reasons we will point out. For of all, this Brazilian beauty and dancer is the youngest Drum Queens amongst the twelve muses that will parade February 22nd and 23rd in Rio´s Sambadrome. The second reason why this young model is a shining star goes back to her roots.

Below, a viral video of Raissa at You Tube, dancing in a marvelous manner:

Rayssa de Oliveira is one of the few “native-Brazilian” Drum Queens within the elite samba schools in Rio de Brazil. Most of them today are either Caucasian or minimally mixed. Rayssa has the authentic African and Bahia roots in her genes and her samba dance.

The third reason why Rayssa de Oliveira from Beija-Flor Samba School is special resides in the fact she was totally brought and developed in the Nilópolis community. In today´s professional Samba world, many of the Drum Queens are disputed just like in professional soccer, but Rayssa even at the age of 5, was always only linked to her community ´s school: the Beija-Flor Samba School.

Below a picture of the beautiful Rayssa de Oliveira from Beija-Flor at Rio´ Sambadrome:


It has been announced by the press here, that the Drum Queen post at Beija-Flor has been shielded by their President, who wants to bring back the days where the Carnival Drum Queen could only parade from the original community where she was raised. Goddess of Carnival Rayssa de Oliveira started to parade as Drum Muse at the incredible age of 13 and now, as an adult, starts to feel the real pressures’ of Brazil ´s professional carnival world. Good luck Rayssa from Beija-Flor!

Follows another photo of Rayssa de Oliveira from Beija-Flor at Technical Rehearsal:


As reminder, follows below Brazil Carnival Parade Schedule for 2009:

Sunday Rio Carnival – February 22nd, 2009

9:00 PM : Império Serrano Samba School
10:00 PM : Grande Rio Samba School
11:10 PM : Vila Isabel Samba School
00:15 AM: Mocidade Independente Samba School
01:20 AM: Beija-Flor Samba School
02:25 AM: Unidos da Tijuca Samba School

Monday Rio Carnival – February 23nd

9:00 PM : Porto da Pedra Samba School
10:00 PM : Salgueiro Samba School
11:10 PM : Imperatriz Leopoldinense Samba School
00:15 AM: Portela Samba School
01:20 AM: Mangueira Samba School
02:25 AM: Viradouro Samba School
, 2009

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Goddess of Carnival Quiteria Chagas is the next Drum Queen we will be presenting in our 2009 Brazil Carnival Special Drum Queen series. Quitéria was born in September 5th, 1980 in Rio de Brazil ´s traditional Tijuca neighborhood. The Carnival muse from Império Serrano Samba Schoolis professional dancer and has recently been seen in TV shows. Quitéria works out every day so she can keep up with the duties of Carnival Queen of Drums, including weight-lifting, jogging and dancing of course. She also has constant cosmetic and aesthetics routines.

Before parading, her samba recipe includes the exotic & energetic fruit Açai mixed with granola. In an interview, Quiteria Chagas appoints “Aquarela Brasileira" as her favorite Samba-Theme ( “Samba –Enredo ) played originally at the 1964 Carnival Parade by Império Serrano and re-edited at the 2004 carnival parade. The 28 years old Brazilian beauty thinks the Drum Queen post sparkles imagination of men, especially their desire. Finally, when asked to name a Drum Queen role-model, Quiteria Chagas quickly reminds of former Viradouro Samba School< Queen Patricia Costa.

See below Quiteria Chagas in 2007 Parade:


Goddess of Carnival Quiteria Chagas Bio: From all of the Drum Queen we are describing in this 2009 Brazil Carnival series, Quitéria is probably one of the 12 muses with the greatest carnival intimacy. This is also due to the fact her parents Eliane and Chagas met themselves in a Carnival ball 33 years ago! She says she is a living proof that Brazilian Carnival can lead into true love, and not just lust or desire. As a carnival kid, this Brazilian model loved to dress as native Indian and odalisque. Quiteria muse had her first chance as a true Carnival Queen of Drums with Aguia de Ouro Samba School. In 2007 and 2008 the samba muse also paraded for Imperio Serrano Samba School in the disputed Carnival Queen Post. Lastly, Quiteria reveals us a beauty secret: she scrubs her body with sugar crystals every week and her face with Carrot juice.

Below, the Brazilian Muse Quiteria photographed by her mother!


Have a great Samba Parade in 2009 Brazil Carnival!
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Who could imagine Brazilian Carnival could mingle with Rio Funk Music? Nobody, but that is possible here in Rio de Brazil! Today we will describe the recently elected Drums Queen for Porto da Pedra Samba School. This Brazilian blond Beauty´s real name is Valesca Santos, but she is more commonly known as Valesca dos Santos”, her Rio Funk band name.


The 29 years old blond Funk singer made fame with a series of Carioca Funk songs where she preaches the liberty and power of the free woman. Valeska Santoshas made a series of photography shots.

The new Carnival Drum Queens has been photographed as a true Barbie Doll, Madonna, and in tight shorts in a fruit shop at a street market. Valeska Santos Drums Queen has also just been invited to shoot for magazine in Brazil.

Photo of Valeska Santos being crowned in the Brazil Carnival:


New Goddess of Carnival Valeska Santos Carnival Bio: Until 2008, the Porto da Pedra Drums Queen didn´t have much intimacy with the Brazilian Carnival, because of her strong ties with Rio Funk music style.

This changed this year after much controversy of who would be Drum Queen for Porto da Pedra Samba School. The President of Porto da Pedra Samba School played his marketing cards well and several Brazilian beauties were being cited as possible candidate for the Drums Queen post. The result was a huge carnival media frenzy.

At least 4 Brazilian artists were announced by the Rio press before an official announcement by the Samba school: Miryan Martin, TV actress from Globo, Ellen Cardoso a.k.a. “Strawberry Woman – Rio Funk Dancer, Iris Stefanelli – model & TV host .

Apparently none of the artists were capable enough to convince the Samba School´s board and the Valeska was announced as Queen of Drums. The Brazilian singer was finally crowned in a Porto da Pedra samba rehearsal in December 12th and has been taking daily samba lessons to improve her samba parade performance. Porto da Pedra Samba School has its headquarters in Sao Gonçalo, near the Niteroi region and will parade in the Rio ´s Sambadrome in the Special Group, Monday Carnival – February 23nd, 2009 at 9:00 PM. Below Photo of Valeska Santos posing in her site:


Good luck Valeska !

As a reminder, below 2009 Rio Carnival Schedule Parade:

Sunday Rio Carnival – February 22nd, 2009

9:00 PM : Império Serrano Samba School
10:00 PM : Grande Rio Samba School
11:10 PM : Vila Isabel Samba School
00:15 AM: Mocidade Independente Samba School
01:20 AM: Beija-Flor Samba School
02:25 AM: Unidos da Tijuca Samba School

Monday Rio Carnival – February 23nd, 2009

9:00 PM : Porto da Pedra Samba School
10:00 PM :<b> Salgueiro Samba School
11:10 PM : Imperatriz Leopoldinense Samba School
00:15 AM: Portela Samba School
01:20 AM: Mangueira Samba School
02:25 AM: Viradouro Samba School