Every queen must be ready to protect its kingdom. Actress and TV host Adriane Galisteu has been for three consecutive years Drum Queen for Unidos da Tijuca Samba School. Even with a tight schedule, she never puts aside her commitment with the traditional samba school. In 2009 Brazil Carnival, Adriane will parade for the 14th time, in Rio de Janeiro. Muse <i>Adriana Galisteu states that parading at the Rio´s Sambadrome is one of her true life pleasures. Unidos da Tijuca muse loves being around the samba school members, and is confident the School will win the Carnival Parade contest. When asked if she has any kind of “ritual” before parading, Adriane Galisteu says she doesn´t have any special one. This true Brazilian beauty though, has her own view of what persona a carnival drum queen should be. Adriane thinks the Carnival Drum Queen should not only attract media and press attention, but be respectful to the samba school components, be sympathetic, love samba and sing the school´s samba parade lyrics. Adriane believes that everyone in Brazil should be a “warrior” when tackling the country´s health and education difficulties. Way to go Adriane!


Above photos <b>de Adriane Galiesteu at the Rio Carnival Rehearsal at Sambadrome

Short Biography:

Adriane Galisteu is a Brazilian actress and TV host. The blond muse was born on April 18, 1973 in São Paulo, has beautiful green eyes and is 1.74 m (5 ft 81⁄2 in) tall. Adriane was TV host for a series of shows, including Brazil MTV, Rede TV!, TV Gazeta, Rede Record, MTV and SBT. She had significant participations include Coisa de Mulher (2005), "Sai de Baixo" .... Caco's Clone (1 episode, 1997), "Xica da Silva" (1996) TV series and "Antônio Alves, Taxista". Adriane Galisteu was the girlfriend of the legendary 3 times F-1 Champion driver Ayrton Senna in 1994.

See photo de Adriane Galiesteu in a fashion editorial:


As a reminder, below 2009 Brazil Sambadrome Carnival Schedule Parade:

Sunday Rio Carnival – February 22nd, 2009

9:00 PM : Império Serrano Samba School
10:00 PM : Grande Rio Samba School
11:10 PM : Vila Isabel Samba School
00:15 AM: Mocidade Independente Samba School
01:20 AM: Beija-Flor Samba School
02:25 AM: Unidos da Tijuca Samba School

Monday Rio Carnival – February 23nd, 2009

9:00 PM : Porto da Pedra Samba School
10:00 PM : Salgueiro Samba School
11:10 PM : Imperatriz Leopoldinense Samba School
00:15 AM: Portela Samba School
01:20 AM: Mangueira Samba School
02:25 AM: Viradouro Samba School